AstroCon 2004 Registration Form

Please use a separate sheet for each person attending AstroCon 2004. For several guests attending as a group, only one sheet with billing information is required. Just put the name of each guest and the event selections on separate sheets.

Fill in this form in your browser, then print and mail the form with a check payable to AstroCon 2004 to:

Full name:
Badge title (e.g., President, ASNSW):
Email address:
Address line 2:
Zip/Postal Code:
Telephone 1:
Telephone 2:
Astronomical League member club:
ALPO Member AAVSO Member ASP Member


Full conference registration $95
Daily registration
     Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Friday   Saturday  

Special Events

Lick Observatory tour and observing, Wednesday evening Sold out
Chabot Space & Science Center visit and observing, Thursday evening
    Providing own transportation (no bus seat)
ASP Awards Banquet, Friday evening Meal choice: $75 non-member
$65 ASP member
Closing banquet, Saturday evening
    Providing own transportation (no bus seat)
Meal choice: $75
AstroCon 2004 T-shirt
Size: $25
AstroCon 2004 patch or pin $5
Gray Line Muir Woods tour $45
Gray Line Wine Country tour $55