AstroCon 2004


ASP Outreach Workshop

Sharing the Passion: Educational Outreach By Amateur Astronomers
An ASP workshop conducted by Suzanne Chippindale and Marni Berendsen

Almost all of us love to share our passion for astronomy. We do it by letting the neighbors kids look at the moon through our telescopes, by helping out at our club star parties, visiting a local classroom, giving a talk at a service club, or working with a local youth group. Some of us do a lot of outreach, some do a little, and some would do a lot more with just a little help and encouragement

In this 3-hour hands-on workshop, aimed at both experienced "outreachers" and newbies, you'll get lots of useful ideas, tips, and techniques that you can use to make your outreach activities more fun, more interesting, more educational, and more engaging. You'll be able to use these ideas under the stars, at the telescope, in classrooms, lecture halls, or meeting rooms, with kids and with adults.

Want a good way to answer the question "how far can your telescope see?" Want to show your star party visitors a black hole? (sort of). Want to have fun explaining moon phases by having kids do the "Moon Dance?" Want to point out the naked-eye stars known to have planets, and really show how astronomers discover extra-solar planets? This workshop will give you the answers to these and many other outreach questions.

Using some of the best ideas and activities from the ASP's Project ASTRO, from the new Night Sky Network, from NASA and from many other sources, you'll learn how to engage your audience quickly and effectively, keep them interested, answer their questions, and have more fun yourself while you're doing it.

If you are an "old hand" at working with the public, you'll get some new ideas to try out. If you have little experience doing outreach, you'll discover it can be easy, fun, and very satisfying.

Join the ASP for an adventure in outreach!



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